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Redbridge Partners Property Investment San Francisco
937 CLAY
PURCHASE         $3,700,000
SALE                    $8,375,000
ROI                       $124.7%

Red Bridge Partners V, LLC acquired this mixed use, 69 room, 21,350 sqft building in February 2014 for $3,375,000.  The property's close proximity to SF's Financial District, and unique SRO (single room occupancy) unit-mix, provided us with the opportunity to improve and renovate the building, and ultimately provided a desirable and affordable housing option to young professionals working in the area. In August 2016, after 2.5 years of ownership, we were approached by a very established ownership group in San Francisco, and sold the building for $8,375,000. We realized a $3.3mm profit through the sale when you factor in capital improvements and sales costs - yielding 124.7% total return to our Investors (50.1% annual return). Over the course of our ownership, we increasing Net Operating Income by 60.5%,

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